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  • HQ-nätet startar den 7 augusti 4 augusti, 2021
    Vi återstartar HQ-nätet efter sommar uppehållet. Välkomna att checka in hos SK1HQ!   Incheckning från ca 08:45 på 3704kHz.  ...
  • Radio Nord revival den 5 september 2 augusti, 2021
    På Vaxholms Kastell pågår under sommaren en utställning om Radio Nord, som i år fyller 60 år. Söndagen den 5...
  • QTC nr. 7/8 2021 31 juli, 2021
    Sommaren och semester är inte slut än för en del av oss. Snart kommer dubbel numret av QTC i brevlådan...
  • Hasses SM0BYD QSL-rapport den 29 juli 2021 29 juli, 2021
    Thérése har fortfarande sin välförtjänta semester och kansliet öppnar igen den 9 augusti. För ytterligare information, se:  www.ssa.se. Från oss, till er alla, en fortsatt...
  • Hasses SM0BYD QSL-rapport den 22 juli 2021 22 juli, 2021
    Thérése har en välförtjänt semester och kansliet öppnar igen den 9 augusti. För ytterligare information, se:  www.ssa.se. Från oss, till er alla, en fortsatt trevlig...

RSS AMSAT-SM – Official Website of AMSAT-SM Sweden

  • AO-109 Fox-1E telemetry and FT4 signal heard 24 juli, 2021
    During a high elevation passage over Stockholm area I managed to copy a very weak fraction of the AO-109 telemetry and two weak spots of my own FT4 signals. The FT4-signal was too weak to be able to decode. I was using a Airspy Mini with SDR-Console V3 with 2*6 el Vårgårda Yagi in RHCP […]
  • AO-109 (RadFxSat-2/AMSAT Fox-1E) Open for use 20 juli, 2021
    Relayed info from ANS-201: The AMSAT Engineering and Operations Teams are pleased to announce that AO-109 (RadFxSat-2/AMSAT Fox-1E) is now open for amateur use. Users are advised to use efficient modes such as CW or FT4 for making contacts, since issues with the satellite make SSB voice contacts challenging at best. Please see the May/June […]
  • AMSAT Pacsat Ground Station Version 0.43 Released 15 juli, 2021
    Info from ANS:I’m releasing an update to the Pacsat Ground Station. This version Parses the MO-112 FailSafe beacons and saves them for analysis. Fixes a bug where FalconSat-3 telemetry data could not be downloaded from the server Defaults FalconSat-3 to not check Pacsat File Header checksums. This was annoying for partially downloaded files. You can […]
  • AMSAT FoxTelem Version 1.11 Released 15 juli, 2021
    Info from ANS: I am releasing version 1.11 of FoxTelem. This primarily supports new features needed for GOLF-TEE development and the CubeSatSim. If you are using FoxTelem in the lab or classroom then this release should be installed. It also fixes several bugs that will help with live decoding of AO-95. It is not a […]
  • MIR-SAT1 Designated as MIRSAT-OSCAR 112 (MO-112) 6 juli, 2021
    Information from ANS-185:On June 22, 2021, MIR-SAT1 was deployed from the International Space Station by JAXA. MIR-SAT1 is a project of the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council and carries a digipeater and camera experiment. Further information is available at https://spacemauritius.com. At the request of the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council, AMSAT hereby designates MIR-SAT1 as […]

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  • Boston Marathon Amateur Radio Volunteer Registration Extended 4 augusti, 2021
    Amateur radio volunteer registration for the annual Boston Marathon has again been extended until Friday, August 6, at 5 PM EDT. This year will mark the 125th anniversary of the Boston Marathon. The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) Amateur Radio Communications Committee oversees marathon volunteers. New volunteers should visit the Volunteer Registration Page and follow the […]
  • Faith Hannah Lea, KD3Z, is Amateur Radio Newsline 2021 Young Ham of the Year 4 augusti, 2021
    Faith Hannah Lea, KD3Z, of Palm Coast, Florida, has been selected as the 2021 Bill Pasternak WA6ITF Memorial Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham of the Year. Faith Hannah comes from an all-ham family. She is the daughter of James Lea, WX4TV, and Michelle Lea, N8ZQZ. Her brother and two sisters are also hams. She credited […]
  • Bouvet Island DXpedition Negotiating with New Charter Vessel, Planning Begins Anew 3 augusti, 2021
    The Intrepid-DX Group’s plans for a 2023 DXpedition to Bouvet Island are back on the front burner. In a brief announcement to the “global DX community,” DXpedition co-leader Paul Ewing, N6PSE, said a new charter vessel contract is in the offing. The 3Y0J DXpedition has refunded all donations to its earlier announced plan, advanced before […]
  • Just Released: More Arduino for Ham Radio 3 augusti, 2021
    The new book More Arduino for Ham Radio by popular author and experimenter Glen Popiel, KW5GP, builds on the success of his two previous titles, Arduino for Ham Radio and More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio.More Arduino for Ham Radio introduces many of the new Arduino boards and add-on modules, followed by an overview of […]
  • Woody White, KZ4AK, Wins the July 2021 QST Cover Plaque Award 2 augusti, 2021

RSS The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

  • Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2129
    Practical Balcony Version of an Old Military Car Antenna, Short Multiband Dipole Array, Balcony Vertical HF Antenna, WSPR beacon, Universal HF Tracker, 70cm Beacon, Beginners Guide to Repeaters, Devils Tower Amateur Radio Club
  • Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2128
    160m Spitfire Antenna, Portable HF Antenna Options , Kenwood Ts590 v Elecraft K3, FTdx3000 Information pages, Kantronics TNC Wiring, USB to Serial Drivers by PROLIFIC, PC programming cable for Kenwood TH-F7E
    Beginning 2022 EZNEC will be released to the public domain and become free of cost and can be freely copied and distributed.
  • Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2127
    Homebrewing a 6 Meter Yagi, Online Toroid Multi Calculator, RF Impedance Matching Calculator, IAT Interactive Antenna Table , Basic Microwave Antennas, FT-817 CAT interface, 17 meter QRP Transmitter,
  • Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2126
    Practical Amateur Radio Grounding, How to Ground an Antenna: aerial earthing, 6 meter portable antenna, Electronic Ionosonde to Monitor the Ionosphere , History of the Hexbeam Antennas, 43 Elements Yagi Antenna for 23cm band, HexBeam Antenna Explained,

RSS Ham Nation

  • Ham Nation YOTA Debrief, Huntsville Hamfest, Young Ham Of The Year & ICOM Giveaway Details 30 juli, 2021
    Thank you for watching Ham Nation Episode 499! On tonights show Don talks with Mark Brown N4BCD on Huntsville Hamfest and Young Ham Of The Year, Neil Rapp WB9VPG & Adam Johnson KD9KIS also join us to debreif us on the recent Youth On The Air week. Updates with the Amateur Radio Newsline and we'll […]
  • Ham Nation: Staying Safe During FIeld Day & Last Minute Preps 25 juni, 2021
    Thank you for watching Ham Nation Episode 497! On tonights show Tim Duffy joins us to talk about last minute Field Day preperations. Gordo reminds us about Field Day Safety. Joe brings some new CW transceiver kits and a fun general coverage receiver kit and Don rounds out the show with Amateur Radio Newsline! Big […]
  • Ham Nation: RTTY Mystery, Sporadic E Propagation, HRRR Special Event, IC-705 Wireless Logging For Field Day 18 juni, 2021
    Thank you for watching Ham Nation Episode 496! On tonights show Gordo will explain Tropospheric Ducting, Amanda visits with the HRRR to talk about their special event, Don brings us Amateur Radio Newsline and Josh will talk about logging for field day wirelessly with your IC-705.HRRR Event! https://hudsonriverradiorelay.com/n2h.htmlBig thanks to ICOM for providng bi-weekly and […]
  • Ham Nation Tilt Five DXpedition Awards and Ham Radio Meters! 4 juni, 2021
    Thank you for watching Ham Nation Episode 495! On this packed episode we catch up with Jeri Ellsworth & Amy Herndon creators of Tilt Five, Valorie introduces the DXpedition award winners, Gordo explains Spordic-E propagation and Joe tells all about meters! Don rounds out the show bringing us Amateur Radio Newsline! WOW, will Josh be […]
  • Ham Nation: Tropo Ducting Contest University & Hamvention 21 maj, 2021
    Thank you for watching Ham Nation Episode 494! Tonight we speak with Tim Duffy K3LR and Rick Allnutt WS8G about Contest University & Hamvention. Gordon brings us his Short Shots and Don closes things out with Amateur Radio Newsline.Big thanks to ICOM for providng bi-weekly and monthly giveaways for Ham Nation, see http://icomamerica.com/hamnation for more […]

RSS Radio Society of Great Britain – Main Site

  • GB2RS News Script for 1 August 2021 30 juli, 2021
    Tap or click the link below to download this week’s GB2RS news script GB2RS News Script for 1 August 2021 (15-page/415KB Microsoft Word document) Problems downloading the GB2RS news script? Try this alternative link.
  • SSTV sked from ISS 30 juli, 2021
    Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station (ISS) are planning to transmit slow-scan TV (SSTV) images on 145.800MHz FM using the SSTV mode PD-120. The transmissions will be made from RS0ISS in the Russian ISS service module. The dates are planned as the 6 August 2021 from 1050 to 1910UTC, and the 7 August 2021 […]
  • New interlinked GB2RS broadcast 30 juli, 2021
    We’re always seeking new ways to bring you GB2RS each week, and now we have news of an interlinked broadcast. John, G4TRN and Sean, G7NJX have interlinked GB3ZB and GB3FI to extend their 70cm broadcast to both sides of the Mendips. Thank you to them and all the other newsreaders who bring the news to […]
  • Amateur on University Challenge 30 juli, 2021
    Nikolas, M0IPY, who is Chair of Cambridge University Wireless Society, will be appearing in the Emmanuel College team on University Challenge. The programme airs Monday, 2 August 2021 at 8.30pm. Why not watch and cheer his team on! Nikolas also recently took part in the VHF NFD in Cambridge. You can find out more details […]
  • Also in GB2RS this week… 30 juli, 2021
    Kevin, G0PEK and Lauren, 2E0HLR will be taking part in the Megacycle DXpedition as they cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats. It starts on Sunday, 1 August 2021, and they hope to be home by the 28th. They will be carrying radio equipment on the bikes and operating VHF bicycle mobile and APRS along […]

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  • Tony's 10m Band Report
    A mixed week again. Top spotter this week was F4CXO but he didn’t have it all week. Top DX varied all week from FY5KE (French Guiana) through D4Z (Cape Verde) to 9A5O (Croatia). EI7HBB probably has the most pleasant and picturesque QSL card
  • DokuFunk archive founder Wolf Harranth OE1WHC SK
    IARU Region 1 reports the passing of the founder of the DokuFunk archive which aims to collect, save, research and present whatever relates to the history of radio communications, particularly amateur radio and broadcasting
  • Solar Panels: Brazil's radio amateurs respond to consultation
    Brazil's national amateur radio society reports on the INMETRO public consultation on the technical standards for Solar Panel installations. Solar installations have been known to cause considerable RF Pollution
  • New Austrian Amateur Radio Callbook
    A new edition of the Amateur Radio Callbook has been made available for download by Austria's Telecommunications Authority
  • Request for volunteers
    The next QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo will open next, on August 14th at 0100 UTC. The presentations will start on March 14th at 1500 UTC. We will have 8 simultaneous tracks running each hour as we have 93 presentations

RSS Ham Radio Science

  • Apple M1 Mac Mini the Best Budget Shack PC? 14 januari, 2021
    Several weeks back Apple introduced their new Apple Silicon M1 computers. There was initially some concerns about how well these new computers would perform. However, when the new Apple M1 computers got into reviewers hands, they performed well beyond expectations. The M1 ARM based chips turned out to be not only to be powerful but […]
  • The Best External Controllers for SmartSDR Windows and macOS 4 december, 2020
    One of the great features of Flex Radios is their desktop control software SmartSDR. The software allows you to control most every aspect of the radio from your laptop, desktop pc, as well as iPhones and iPads. Chances are that even if you have a M model Flex radio that has knobs and buttons, you […]
  • SmartSDR for macOS Video Overview 30 september, 2020
    The video for SmartSDR is now available on the YouTube channel. This video is primarily an overview of the various functions and features available in the recently released SmartSDR for macOS software for Flex Radios.  … The post SmartSDR for macOS Video Overview first appeared on Ham Radio Science.
  • Smart SDR for macOS 25 augusti, 2020
    SmartSDR for Windows Note* Ham Radio Science will be kicking off an new series of videos shortly. So go over to the Ham Radio Science YouTube channel and subscribe. Introduction Apparently Hell has actually frozen over. We now have a full desktop client for Smart SDR for Apple macOS systems. It is pretty well known that […]
  • Boxchip S700A Network and DMR Radio Video Review 22 mars, 2019
    Ok, after using and enjoying the Boxchip S700A it was time for a video review.… The post Boxchip S700A Network and DMR Radio Video Review first appeared on Ham Radio Science.

RSS From the Radio Shack

  • Heard in Fredriksfors May 4 - early opening towards the Andes 8 maj, 2021
    The mediumwave band opened earlier than usual this night (May 4). Already before 23 UTC there were stations coming in on the upper side of the band. At 23 several stations mostly from Peru and Bolivia with good strength. There were also some splits that I didn´t recognize but to weak to be identified.Sadly to […]
  • Heard in Fredriksfors May 3 - "bad night" 8 maj, 2021
    A really bad night this one (May 3) in Fredriksfors.Very few signals really readable – weak signal strenth and mostly distorted. Besides what´s in the log a few others recognized, mostly from Colombia or Puerto Rico, at least due to the carrier and split.LoggSydamerika 950 3.5 0000 LR3 CNN R Argentina Buenos Aires stark och […]
  • Heard in Fredriksfors May 2 - high frequencies only 5 maj, 2021
    Signals only on the highest part of the mw-band this (May 2) night. Some Peruvian station at 00 UTC and later on also a couple of Bolivians. The most interesting signal this night, 1480,034, could not be indeitified at my place. Came up at times with andean music and Christian talk, but no id. Espinar, […]
  • Heard in Fredriksfors April 26 - fourth night in a row with La Plata 29 april, 2021
    This was the fourth night in a row with the receiver working in Fredriksfors. Still ”only” southern signals – possibly with a little change towards Uruguay and Paraguay from Argentina. But nothing new, as it was also the nights before. Had it only been a little better on 1120...It is also clear that the season […]
  • Heard in Fredriksfors April 25 - La Plata, but also a few Peru 29 april, 2021
    A few signals from Peru this night (April 25) in Fredriksfors, but in all this was the worst night out of four when I listened. Signals were weaker quite a while before sunrise this night, when about the same stations from Argentina came in together with some more common from Brazil with a little better […]

RSS RadioResource International

  • FCC Announce Changes to 3.45 – 3.55 GHz Auction Procedures 23 juni, 2021
    The FCC’s Office of Economics and Analytics (OEA) and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) announced a change to the categories and the conditions applicable to the licenses that will be available for bidding in the upcoming 3.45 – 3.55 GHz band. read more
  • Sepio Partners with Merlin Ventures to Provide Security Solutions to Federal Customers 23 juni, 2021
    Sepio Systems, a provider in zero-trust hardware access control (HAC), announced that the company will be expanding its partnership with Merlin Ventures, a strategic investor in emerging technologies, to deploy the company’s HAC-1 solution to U.S. federal agencies. read more
  • Filtronic Brings Product Manufacturing Back to the U.S. from China 23 juni, 2021
    Filtronic announced that it has successfully re-shored the manufacturing of a critical communications product for the North American public-safety market from China. read more
  • Ondas Provides IoT Technology to European Rail Operator 23 juni, 2021
    Ondas Networks Inc., received its first purchase order from a major European rail customer for its FullMAX misson-critical internet of things (MC-IoT) private wireless network technology. read more
  • Subex, Spire Partner on Cybersecurity Solutions for Middle East Customers 22 juni, 2021
    Subex and Spire Solutions announced a strategic tie-up to address the steep rise in cyberattacks and associated cyber risks in the region. read more
  • Nokia to Develop 5G Radios for Ligado Spectrum 22 juni, 2021
    Nokia and Ligado Networks announced an agreement for Nokia to develop 5G base station radios compatible with Ligado’s L-band spectrum. The partnership will be the first in North America to develop a commercial L-band offering to enable operators, service providers and enterprises to expand their 5G services. read more
  • Intrado Complete Divestiture of Health Advocate 22 juni, 2021
    Intrado announced it has completed the previously announced sale of its Health Advocate business to Teleperformance. The sale of this business will allow Intrado to further focus on its remaining cloud-based technology and next-generation solutions. read more
  • R2 Network Partners Provide Project Update, Highlight Coming Features 22 juni, 2021
    Members of the organizations involved in the R2 Network project provided an update on the progress of the project and provided a look at features that will be added to the network later this year during the National Institute of Science and Technology’s (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) division’s 2021 Digital Experience. read more
  • Verizon Acquires Indoor Positioning Platform Provider 21 juni, 2021
    Verizon announced the acquisition of Senion, a global leader in location-responsive solutions. The developer of an indoor positioning platform, Senion’s advanced machine-learning sensor fusion technology delivers sub-meter accuracy for precise positioning and navigation of indoor spaces. read more
  • EU Council Expresses Support of BroadWay Project, Encourages Member States to Participate 21 juni, 2021
    The European Union’s Justice and Home Affairs Council expressed its support for the BroadWay project and encouraged member states to be involved in initiatives related to the project. read more